Top 10 Daytrips from Seoul

Posted: 20 January 2019

Seoul is a beautiful city. But I’m pretty sure you want to explore its outskirts too. And if you don’t have the time to go to the farther provinces of Busan or Jeju Island, there are other places we can recommend you visit. Here’s a list of ten places you can visit in one day from Seoul.


1) Korean Folk Village

Average Travel Time from Seoul: 32 mins to 1 hr


Average Exploring Time: 2 to 4 hrs


What to See/To Do: Korean Folk village is located in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. Here family can experience the traditional life of the Korean folks during the Joseon Dynasty. Kids to adults can experience theme events during different seasons. Example, during April-May, they have a cultural festival centering during the Joseon Dynasty. July to August is the kids time to experience rural games and activities. October to November is where the K-drama historical exhibition. Also, everyday they have special performances’ like acrobatics, plays, sing, and dance. Have a full Korean culture experience with the whole family in Korean Folk Village.

korea folk village - pixb

2) Everland Amusement Park

Average Travel Time from Seoul: 32 mins to 1 hr


Average Exploring Time: 2 to 4 hrs


What to See/To Do: Everland is a theme park that is also located in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. It is South Korea’s largest theme park. They have 5 themes areas that families can all enjoy. The areas are European Adventure, Magic Land, Zootopia, American Adventure, and Global Fair. Attractions in the park include Snow Buster, Panda World, Safari World, Gyro VR, Kids Village, Hurricane, Bumper Car, Racing Coaster and many many more. The whole family will definitely enjoy a day in Everland.


everland water ride
everland polarbear
everland europe
everland train

3) DMZ

Travel Time from Seoul: 1 hr to 1 hr and 30 mins

Average Exploring Time: 6 to 9 hrs


What to See/To Do: The Korean Demilitarized Zone, better known as DMZ, is the borderland between

North and South Korea. It’s well known as one of the most fortified borders in the

world. Joining a licensed tour group is required to be able to enter and tour the

area. The places tourist are allowed to enter include the Joint Security Area (JSA), which is the meeting place between North and South Korean officials, Freedom Bridge, Infiltration Tunnels, and a couple of observatories( that will allow you to see North Korea from afar), and few others. Different tours will give you different parts of the DMZ. 


For the daring, the DMZ is a recommendation.


4) Nami Island + Garden of the Morning Clam and Petite France

Travel Time from Seoul: Seoul to Nami Island: 2 hours

Nami Island to Petite France: 30 Mins

Petite France to Garden of the Morning Clam: 30 – 45 mins


Average Exploring Time: 8-10 hours


What to See/To Do: You can visit any of these destinations on it’s own, but touring Nami Island, Petite France and the Garden of the Morning Calm can all be done in one day since they’re all located in Gyeonggi-do province. 


Nami island is a paradise worth visiting especially during fall when the leaves are at it’s most colorful, or enjoy it during Winter when it’s romantically snowy. It consists of parks and facilities that the whole family will surely enjoy. You can take a quick ferry boat ride to the island or zipline your way through. Spend 2 hours, half a day, or even a full day if you wish. Rent a bike so you can explore the whole island faster. For tours, this is usually the first stop.



You can then travel to Petite France where you can spend a couple hours walking through colorful European type buildings. It’s quite picturesque during sundown. 


Last stop is the Garden of the Morning Calm. It’s composed of 26 themed gardens. Each season blooms different a flora so you it’ll be a great experience regardless if it’s summer, spring, fall, or winter. Closing times vary so best to check the official website when you’re doing DIY. There’s a period between December to March where you can experience the garden in the evening well lit with colorful lights. It’s a mesmerizing must-see sight.


Fun Fact: These 3 locations are very popular in K-dramas. Nami island is the location of Winter Sonata, Garden of the Morning Calm is the location of Love in the Moonlight, and Petite France is the location of My Love from the Star and Secret Garden.


5) Bukhansan National Park

Travel Time from Seoul: 20 – 40 minutes 

Average Exploring Time: 6 – 8 hrs


What to See/To Do: Bukhansan National Park is located in Seoul and Gyeonggido. If you love hiking and nature trips, this place is definitely for you. More than 1,300 species of plants and animals can be found in the area. Also, there are over 100 Buddhist temples and hermitages, some of which you can visit. It has different trails for every level of hiking expertise. Every season, sceneries also change. This place is perfect for nature lovers out there.


6) Suwon

Travel Time from Seoul: 40 mins to 1 hour


Average Exploring Time: 6 – 8 hrs


What to See/To Do: Suwon is the capital of Gyeonggi Province. The city boosts many tourist spots that everyone will enjoy. For solo, couple and family travelers who enjoy history, Hwaseong Fortress is for you. It was built back in 1796 and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Inside the palace grounds, they have a field where tourists can try archery. Be sure to checkout the famous Paldalmun Gate too. 


They also have museums that you can checkout, like the Suwon Hwasong Museum, which focuses on the history of the city, and an interesting yet odd museum – the Toilet Museum, which contains the history of toilets in Korea. That building is also shaped like a toilet. Pretty odd eh?


For foodies, hunt for Suwon’s famous marinated grilled beef ribs.

suwon2 -pixb

7) Jinhae (Jinhae Cherry Blosson Festival)

Travel Time from Seoul: 3 – 4hrs


Average Exploring Time: 4 – 6 hrs


What to See/To Do: It might take hours to get to Jinhae-gu but it’s home to the most famous cherry blossom festival in Korea. The experience should make up for the travel time. During the cherry bloom season which happens early in spring, millions of tourist flock to Yeojwacheon Stream to see the tunnel of cherry blossoms that’s lined up along the banks. It’s a truly romantic experience.  At night, the trees are lit up for a more dramatic effect.


And while we you can do your visit in a day, we recommend you stay overnight.


8) Seoraksan National Park

Travel Time from Seoul: 3 hrs to 4 hrs


Average Exploring Time: 4 hrs to 6 hrs


What to See/To Do: Seoraksan National Park is located in Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do. This is another place recommended for mountaineers and backpackers. The site is home to Mount Seoraksan, which is a popular mountain in Korea. It has temples, caves, rivers, and waterfalls. Aside from hiking, tourists can ride the Seoraksan Cable Car. At the peak of Mount Seoraksan, you’ll be able to see stunning rock formations and the view of the city below. 


Additional must see spots are Sinheungsa Temple, Biseondae Rocks, Geumganggul Cave, Biryong Falls and many more.


9) Jeonju Hanok Village

Travel Time from Seoul: 3 hrs – 3.5 hrs


Average Exploring Time: 5 hrs to 6 hrs


What to See/To Do: Jeonju Hanok Village is another cultural and historical place that is worth the visit. It’s located in the city of Jeonju. This place has been quite underrated to foreigners, but has started gaining some traction. It’s really quite a hidden gem in Korea. 


The place is full of traditional hanok houses. Some of them are open as hanokstays, where tourists can book a room for the night to experience how it’s like to sleep inside a hanok. Like in many tourist destinations in Korea, tourists can also rent a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) here. 


Jeonju has it’s own variety of restaurant food and street food delicacies. Must-try are freshly made choco pies, kimchi cheese pies, soy milk pies, and many others. Be sure to taste the signature dish of Jeonju – Jeonju Bibimbap. It’s probably the most famous variation of the dish. Another must try food in Jeonju is oven baked Hottoek. Bring a whole box back since you can’t find it in Seoul. (If you do find one in Seoul though, make sure to tell us).

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10) Songwol-dong Fairytale Village

Travel Time from Seoul: 1 – 2 hrs


Average Exploring Time: 3 – 4 hrs


What to See/To Do: A land where we never thought existed, Songwol-dong is a Fairy tale themed village located in Incheon. This is a colorful village with statues, murals, and architechture that depict fairy tales around the world, including Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Snow White. Kids and kids at heart will definitely love this place. 


And since you’re in the area, might as well take time to visit Incheon Chinatown which is closeby. This place has lots of street foods and restaurants that will satisfy any hungry stomach. Chinatown also have street murals, museums, and other picturesque attractions.