Highly Discounted South Korea Activities in 2022 - Klook 11:11

Posted: Nov 11, 2022

Scouting for ways to save money for your South Korea trip?After purchasing our flight tickets for Spring 2023, I thought to myself. Maybe I’d be able to score some discounts this coming 11:11.And boy was I in for a treat. 

I bought a few things that amounted to almost Php14,000 but ended up paying only a little over Php10,000.That’s about Php3000 that I could use to add more grams to some quality Hanwoo A+++ beef at the Majang Meat Market..

Here we go!

1) Everland Buy 1 Get 1 Ticket

This was a surprise! Purchasing a ticket through a booking site like Klook is already way better than getting it there.


It’s already going to save you heaps –


Everland Tickets onsite is around KRW 58,000 for Adults, and KRW 46,000 for kids. That’s around Php2470 and Php1958 for kids 36 months to 12 years old at the time of writing.


But at the Klook site, you can get it for only Php1637. It’s the same rate for adults and kids but still –



You can see it here: Everland Discounted Tickets


Thats huge savings!



Since we’re going back to Everland with a toddler. I checked out Everland 1 Day Pass in Klook and lo and behold –



I found a “Buy1Get1 Open ticket option” for the same price of Php1637.

The QR code I’d purchase is already for 2 people!


Update: Buy 1 Get 1 Option is no longer available, but check out the site for other promos. Some dates you get a higher discount –

You can see it here: Everland Discounted Tickets

I found another Klook page for Everland day tickets but it didn’t have the Buy 1 Get 1 Option.



And since we’re traveling to SoKor in Spring with a toddler, I bought 2 tickets. This gives me entrance tickets for 4 people for the price of two.



Oh just a note. You’ll be given only QR code so even though you get 2 tickets for the price of one. You have to use both tickets at the same time so the 2 persons using it have to enter together.



So yeah. Get it now while they still have it.



If you’re going there alone though, there is another December Weekend option there that sells for Php1290 a piece, but dates are limited to Dec 2022.



Again you can check it out here: Everland Discounted Tickets

2) 10% Promo Code on Activities

Need I say more?!


Get discounts for every activity and ticket in South Korea at 10% off!



Step 1: Just add any of the tours and tickets you need into your cart


Here are some discounted options:





Step 2: Use HALLYUKTO before you checkout. 


That’s it!


Take note that you can only use this code once so make sure to add everything you need in your cart.


We bought a tour that cost around Php10,000 so that saved us Php1000.

3) 20% Off Alpaca Pasture (with Nami + Garden of the Morning Calm) Tour

Now this isn’t really an 11:11 deal but since we were gonna get an Alapaca World tour activity, I found this Alpaca Pasture option instead.


Check it out here: Alpaca Pasture, Nami Island, and Garden of the Morning Calm Tour



It was weird at first because it didn’t say Alpaca World so I did a bit more digging.



It turns out, its the same place. Maybe a different tour operator I guess but the itinerary is similar. 


They just call it Alpaca Pasture instead of Alpaca World.



Check out the photo below.

The one on the right is the Alpaca World + Nami Island + Garden of the Morning Calm tour for Php4035.


Meanwhile the right one where they call it…


Alpaca Pasture, Nami Island, and Garden of the Morning Calm tour,  and its only  Php2695 per person!!!



Reviews also show it’s legit – it is Alpaca World.



The discount says it’s 20% but it seems you get more versus the other one.


Since it’s 11:11 I didn’t hesitate to buy since there’s an additional 10% discount today (see #2).



Anyway, the tour has a free cancellation option where I can get 100% discount if cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled tour.



So get the highly discounted Alpaca World tour here:  Alpaca Pasture 20% Discount at Klook



There’s also an option for Gangwon Rail Bike instead of Garden of the Morning Calm. 



Check it out here: Alpaca Pasture 20% Discount with Nami + Rail Bike at Klook

It’s actually the same page but you can choose it in the options.

That’s it! I’ll add more to this list when I find any new discounts