How to Take the Bus From Incheon Airport to Seoul

Let me tell you why the Airport Bus in South Korea is the best way to reach Seoul from Incheon Airport. 


Watch the video to see how easy and convenient it is to take the Airport bus to Seoul.

Article Posted: 30 April 2019

If you’re a DIY Traveler like me who want to maximize your budget, you want to be informed of the transfer options available to you. We’ll soon create a video and post about that. But let me tell you that the most convenient and affordable Airport transfer option for solo and couple travelers carrying some luggage is the Airport bus. 

My wife and I make it a point to travel to South Korea regularly, usually once or twice a year. But after trying, exploring, and researching on the different transportation options from Incheon Airport to Seoul, we’ve concluded that taking the Incheon Airport bus is the best alternative for us for transfers to Seoul.

Let me tell you why I recommend it.



The price of the is reasonable. The price fare of airport buses to Seoul vary from destination to destination, but it’s relatively reasonable.

Going to Myeongdong, each passenger only pays around 15,000KRW (approx US$13 or PHP650). But although it’s not the cheapest option around, since taking the trains are cheaper, the convenience of taking the bus is unparalleled. 

Consider though that taking the trains will force you to transit to other subway lines, or take a taxi after reaching Seoul Station. 

With brings us to the second point.



It’s pretty convenient. With Incheon airport buses, you can choose a bus with a stop close to your hotel. Of course this isn’t true for all hotels, but you can plan this ahead of time. This means less walking with your heavy luggage.

Depending on where you’re staying in Seoul, the train option also forces you to transfer your luggages across subway lines, which can be inconvenient if you’re carrying a lot. If you choose the all stop train, it doesn’t guarantee you seats either. With the Airport bus, just get on it, seat yourself comfortably, and get off near your hotel. Just be sure to know which bus to take. 

For a convenient option where you can book an airport bus online, check out KAL Airport Bus here


Which Bus to Take

If you’re going to the Myeongdong Area, like what we did in the video, there are a couple buses that have several bus stops there. The closest bus stop to our hostel was for Bus 6015 stop at Euljiro 1-ga (which is also in the Myeongdong area). It was about a 5-minute walk to our hostel from the Airport bus stop. 

The other bus is 6001. Travel time depends on the traffic but roughly an hour to Euljiro 1 (we left at around 10:00AM). Possibly an additional 20 minutes or more for Myeongdong Station. 

Check the location of your hotel for the best possible stop for you: Check Airport Bus routes using this link

If you’d like to book online instead and you’re staying near Euljiro 1, City Hall, or across Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong, here’s a Limousine option from Klook: KAL Airport Limousine Bus



Steps in Taking the Airport Bus In Incheon

Once your plane lands at Incheon Airport, it will probably take you about 40 minutes to an hour to get through immigration, picking up your checked baggage, and customs. In addition, you may also need to allocate for other things. For example, if you’re too hungry and need to eat, grab sim cards (or wifi eggs), or buy transportation cards.

After that, once you’re ready, do the following:




Step 1: Go to one of the Airport Bus Information boards to check which gates you’ll find the buses going to Seoul.  The bus stops are categorized according to destination. Those going to Seoul are all in one area.


Step 2: Then, exit the gate closest to the Seoul bus stops. Purchase a ticket from one of the Ticket booths located outside of the gate. But you may skip this step if you’re taking the Midnight bus since the booths will be closed at this time. Also, you may skip this step if you’re using TMoney to pay for your ride.


Step 3: After that, look for the airport bus stop stands for your bus number and queue up in front of it.

Step 4: Once it arrives, the driver will check the queue. Show your ticket to the driver and he will take all your big luggage and will give you a stub for each luggage. Keep these stubs since you need to present it when claiming your luggage when you alight. There’s a storage section inside the airport bus for you carry-on.


Step 5: Once you’re permitted to board, scan your ticket in the payment terminal. You may also use your TMoney card too.


Step 6: Load your carry-on in the carry-on area provided near the entrance of the airport bus. Take a seat (anywhere) and fasten your seatbelt.




Step 7: Once you reach Seoul, listen to the voice prompts that will tell you the next stop. If you hear your stop called, press one of the Stop buttons found near the bus windows. If you fail to do this, you may miss your stop.


Step 8: Before you alight, make sure you don’t leave anything inside the bus, especially your carry-on luggage in front.


Step 9: Once you’re out, show your stub to the driver who will get your luggage for you. 

That’s it! Easy peasy!



For more visual details, watch the video up top! Thanks for watching! 

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