7 Must See Places to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Seoul this Spring 2019

Posted: 20 January 2019

Do you want to see the mesmerizing beauty of Cherry Blossoms within Seoul, South Korea? If one of your itineraries is watching Cherry Blossoms, then you don’t need to go out of Seoul to experience that. Here are 7 must see places to enjoy the view of Cherry Blossoms in Seoul, South Korea.


1) Seokchon Lake Park

Seokchonhosu Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year during the in bloom season. There’s a variety of things to do and events you can check out along the lakeside during the festival.


If you want to work out, go for a morning jog. There’s even an outdoor gym beside the lake. 


There are also many coffee shops nearby so coffee lovers can sit at a bench, have their coffee and read a book. You can also just hang and listen to music while staring at nothingness under cherry blossom trees while you’re there. Families and couples can stroll freely around the area and can take selfies with blooming flowers in the background. 


How to get there: Jamsil station is the closest subway station. From there, walk approximately 200m going to Seokchonhosu Lake. It is also walking distance from Lotte World mall and Lotte World Tower.


Best Time to Go: The park is open 24/7 but if you really want to witness the beauty of the cherry blossoms, go there during the daytime.


Fee: FREE to enjoy.


seokchon lake -pixb

2) Yeouido Island

Another great place to hang and view the Cherry Blossoms is Yeouido Island. There are several places you can check out here – Yeouido Park, Han River Park, and Yunjunro Street which is located behind the National Assembly Building. It is famous for being the loveliest cherry Blossom street in Seoul.


At the Han River Park, you can rent a bike along the river banks. Rental fees are around 1000won for 15 minutes. Two seater bikes are also available for that rom-com kdrama feel. The famous I SEOUL U signange is here too so don’t forget to take a photo with it.


Han River Park is great for family picnics as well. They have chairs and tables all around the park, or just bring your own picnic mat and pick your spot anywhere in the well-lawned grass. This is also a great place to enjoy the Korean cuisine, as there are many street food stalls stationed at the park entrances during cherry blossom festival season. You can even get food delivered if you know how to.


How to Get There: Han River Park is right at the exists of the Yeouinaru subway station, while Yeouido Park is about a 10-minute walk from there. If you’re headed for Yunjuro Street for the festival, you can get off at the National Assembly Building subway station and it’s just a 5 minute walk from there.


Best Time to Go: This park is open 24 hrs/7 days a week. Daytime is best for cherry blossoms viewing and nighttime is best for recreational activities.


Fee: FREE to enjoy. stat


hangang park picnic

3) Seoul Grand Park

The park is about 9,157,000㎡ and it’s one of the largest parks in Seoul.
There are several themed areas, establishments and museums scattered around the park. 


Nature-loving backpackers will be glad to know that there’s a campsite inside the premises. Couples can stroll inside different themed gardens like Rose, Botanical and Forest park. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms with a new perspective, go to Seoulland, which is just right beside. It’s perfect for spending time with family and kids. It’s the first amusement park in Seoul. 


Cherry Blossoms is often viewed with peace and beauty, but inside an amusement park is quite a different experience.


How to Get There: Seoul Grand Park Station is the nearest subway station. Near E-Mart (Pyeongchon Branch).


Best Time to Go: From March to October the park is open 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. In other months, it closes by 6PM.


Fee: There are different admission rates depending on what you’d like to access. See rates at the time of writing:

For the zoo, it’s 5000KRW for adults and 2000KRW for children.

For the themed gardens, it’s 2000KRW for adults and 1000KRW for children.

For the campsite: it’s 2000KRW for adults and 1000KRW for children.

For Seoul land, Seoul Land is 25,000KRW for adults and 20,000KRW for kids. For discounted tickets you can check this link.


4) Gyeongbokgung Palace

A history-rich destination combined with the scenic view of the cherry blossoms is what you can expect in Gyeongbokgung. Built in 1395, it’s a  is the largest palace amongst the five palaces in Seoul. It is also called the main palace for the royals. It’s a great place for cherry blossoms when in season.


Most of the buildings you see here, however, are rather new, as the originals have been destroyed during wars. But although Gyeongbokgung doesn’t have the UNESCO world heritage title, you’ll really feel that you’re in another time period when you’re here, as more and more tourists visit Gyeongbok Palace wearing hanboks.


Traditional performances like changing of the guards and drum performances can be enjoyed too. Be sure to check the schedule so you can time it on your visit. 


Location: Gyeongbokgung Station and Anguk Station is the nearest subway station to the Palace. It is near the National Folk Museum, National Palace Museum of Korea and Government Seoul Building. If your hotel is in Samcheongdong or Insadong, you can just take a few minutes walk to the palace.


Best Time to Go: Spring operation hours are 9 AM to 6:00 PM and closed on Tuesdays. Be sure to buy tickets 1 hour before closing time.


Fee: 3,000KRW for adults, 2,400KRW for groups of 10, 1500KRW for kids between 7-18. Younger kids are free.


Regardless of age, if you’re wearing a hanbok, your admission is free.


5) Namsan Seoul Tower Premises

Going to Namsan Seoul Tower via cable car will give you an aerial view of the Cherry Blossoms. When you arrive in the Tower, especially in the outside premises you can see beautiful Cherry Blossom scattered around. Solo, couples, groups, and families can enjoy different activities inside and outside the tower. Solo and couples can enjoy strolling outside the tower especially at night. They have lights all around the area. Cherry Blossom are light up with different colors. They have love locks just outside the tower. Families can enjoy the observatory and Hello Kitty Island inside the tower.


How to Get There: Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus No. 2, No. 3, and No. 5 are a way to get to the tower from the following stations: Chungmuro Station, University Station, Seoul Station, Itaewon Station, Hangangjin Station, and Myeong-dong Station. Also, you can ride in a cable car going from Myeong-dong station. It is near Seoul Castle and Namsan Park.


Best time to Go: Outside the tower, you can enjoy it 24 hrs. Best time to go is spring during cherry blossoms bloom. The tower is open 7 days a week. Sunday to Friday schedule is 10 AM to 11 PM. Saturday schedule is 10 AM to 12 Midnight.


Fee: The outside premises of the tower is Free to enjoy. Yet, there are admission fees if you want to go up the tower. 
See it here ( for
the full admission fees list.



6) Children’s Grand Park

Children’s Grand Park is a certified family friendly park. It has a zoo, botanical garden, amusement rides, and diverse events. Families especially kids will enjoy the amusement park. The Cherry Blossoms inside the park is a plus. Since you’re here in springtime, you should see the musical and rainbow fountains that’s available from April to October. Don’t worry if you get hungry, food options are available inside the premises.

If you have babies, strollers are available for a minimal fee.


How to Get There: Children’s Grand Park Station and Achasan Station are the nearest subway station. The park is near The Korean Children’s Center, Seonhwa Art High School, and Dongmul Concert Hall.


Best time to Go: The park opens from 5:00 AM to 10 PM, but some areas close between 5-6PM.


Fee: Admission to the main park, botanical garden, and zoo is free.  

7) Seoul Forest

This forest is for all the nature lovers out there. Most cherry blossoms in Seoul can be found in an urban setting, so experiencing it here will be quite unique. If you’re someone who likes finding solidarity with nature, come to Seoul Forest. You can get lost in time just watching the trees and flora. And if you like animals, you’ll be sure to encounter some deers, ducks, and other furry friends.


They also have family-friendly areas like a tennis court, experimental learning park, and picnic spots. And since there’s not usually a lot of people, Seoul Forest is your little getaway inside of urban Seoul.


How To Get There: Seoul Forest Station and Ttukseom Station is the nearest subway station from the park. Seongsu High School, Nature Experience Learning Center and Culture art Park are the nearest in the area.


Best time to Go: The park is open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM everyday. For other facilities and amenities, they have different schedules.


Fee: FREE to enjoy.



That’s it! Those are just some places in Seoul, South Korea where you can spot beautiful cherry blossoms. I hope you will have a fun and memorable trip.


Don’t forget to take photos and capture beautiful memories.